Experienced sewing machine operators are no longer easy to find in Belgium. But what if, through innovation of the sewing machine, you can digitally teach the piece of experience and help absorb it while guaranteeing the highest quality?

At ECA NV, HDB Solutions installed this brand new training center last week.

Would you like to give us a sneak peek into the operation of these innovative VETRON TYPICAL Europe GmbH TOUCH machines? The workshop manager has permission to create simple product groups and specific products via the large touchscreen. All machine settings can be set electronically per product and this in a very user-friendly way! Once the programs are created, they are copied on each machine and the operators choose the program of the product to be stitched. The machine will set itself fully automatically according to the selected program. Always the same quality guaranteed, no conversion times between different production runs, recovery times decrease drastically because the machine cannot be disrupted manually. Figuratively lost the thread while assembling the product? Product sheets and/or instructional videos of how to stitch the product are 1 click away in order to assist the operator as much as possible during assembly.

In addition to these production efficiency benefits, ECA NV chooses to invest in the operators and attract new people with this brand new training center. These machines are not only a feast for the eyes (if we do say so ourselves), all manual burdening actions are digitally relieved as much as possible in the smartest and most ergonomic way.

ECA is proud of this investment in people, training and quality!


Grateful and secretly proud to continue to support production in Belgium in this way.


Source : HDB solutions